Saturday, February 11, 2012


Yes, summer is coming, and we're going to spruce up the landscapes and walkways and pathways.  As long as this fine weather holds out, our crews will take the Winter and early Spring to prepare the grounds for summer.  In the first photo you see what the grounds looked like before the cement walk and shrubs were installed.  Next photo you see one of the hearty boaters who enjoys activities on a warm and sunny winter day.  In the last photo is a porch being fitted with Archideck windows.  These windows can be pushed down from the top or up from the bottom.  They provide enough warmth to make this porch a 4 Season Room, and who wouldn't want to sit on this porch and look at this beautiful lake shimmer and sparkle.  This particular cottage was completed in 2009, and used as a model in 2010.  It is still used as a Model, never been lived in, and is waiting for you to come, buy it, and enjoy your dreams.  We'll be here to show you this and some of the Resales available at very reasonable prices in today's market.

Friday, August 19, 2011


We have been watching the real estate market for the last two or three years, and the owners of cottages in Backwater Landing have taken note of the reduction in prices.  We have also pointed out to interested buyers that the interest rates being offered at this time are advantageously low, like 4.3% or in the 4.+ bracket.  Being in the cottage selling business for 14 years,  we feel these great rates and low prices are providing potential buyers an opportunity to look closely at what Backwater Landing has to offer.

What we do know about homes on Keowee Lake is that in addition to the $200,000. to $300,000. more you pay, the annual property tax goes up appreciably.  You probably won't have a swimming pool.  You'll have to hire a landscaping company to mow and trim, unless you like doing that on your weekends off. You may have a Security Alarm system you'll have to pay for monthly, but no one will come and check your air conditioning setting or heat setting after an electrical storm, if the power went off.  If you're in permanent residence at this home, it's a whole different ballgame, of course.  But for those looking for a weekend get-away, short vacation stays, or retirement living while you travel the globe, Backwater Landing cottages are the answer.

Compare the cost of living at Backwater to owning a home on the lake, and see which brings you out ahead.  We have a seller who recently dropped his price $20,000.  on a waterfront cottage.  Come and see it, and check out the other great buys at Backwater Landing.

The real estate market has been down in this area of the country plus we are in the second home market, and have a selective clientele that expects upscale amenities such as those offered by Backwater Landing.  This Economic slide has affected many people, so, aside from our annual 3% increase factor, we have controlled costs at Backwater, and have endeavored to hold down any increases where possible.  We don't pay less for gas to mow lawns and trim hedges, or pay less for electricity to run the lodge, keep water in the pool, maintain boardwalks, provide trash  facility and monitor the front gates.  Everything outside your cottage walls in the community is maintained and cared for by Backwater Landing.

 I created this Blog , and maintain it myself.  If you wish to make comments, I invite you to do so.  I will be glad to get any answers to any questions you may have about Backwater.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Backwater Landing Memorial

This is going to be a difficult task because I will be writing about a beloved and charming resident of Backwater Landing. Her friends and residents of Backwater, along with the owners/developer decided on the Adirondack Chairs on this platform looking out at a view this resident loved. She would sit looking out at the lake and say to her husband, about the sparkling water "Those are my diamonds."

I could never do her justice by continuing to describe her effect on each and every person she knew here and elsewhere. She was just someone you were so glad you got to know.
Now each and every day as residents walk the Boardwalk, they can remember her. If they weren't lucky enough to have known her, they will think, "She must have really touched the hearts of a lot of people." I know her husband and friends take a walk in the cool summer evening, sit on the chairs and chat with her, or each other about her.
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Tuesday, July 12, 2011



We had a recent call from a cottage owner who , like many of our Resale residents, is anxious to sell. What is surprising is that the owner reduced the price by $30,000.  If you're interested in learning about this cottage, as well as many more great resales, give Backwater Landing a call, or drop by.  I can assure you that many of our Resale cottage owners will not drop their prices to this degree. 

We have learned that house values have dropped in the last three to four years, and we believe the prices reflected on many cottages have taken this devaluation into consideration.  You cannot expect residents to sell their cottages for less than their purchase price just because they chose to repaint or redecorate their interiors.  If you are serious about living on Lake Keowee, you are missing out on a great opportunity if you don't take a look at what we have to offer, including our upscale ammenities, and comparing it on many levels to what you have to invest in other properties.  DR

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Meet our Birthday Lady

I won't give the names of the residents when they appear in any pictures I post, but this is a very special occasion where our resident had her 90th Birthday.  She's quite the gal.  She bowls and goes to Curves for exercise, and just continues to enjoy life.  That's worth a round of applause.

We have a Great Room at our Lodge that accommodates a very large crowd, should a resident wish to have a social function such as a birthday party, an anniversary, a wedding or have friends over to watch sports.  Our residents join in to set up the lodge for functions like a Pig Roast, a Chili Cook off, and the Kentucky Derby.  If you like to join in and have a fun day, we're here, but if you want to stay at your cottage and relax, that's why you bought here.  Enjoy yourself.   Doreen

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Welcome to Backwater Landing

We're so happy to have you take a look at our beautiful community of private cottages.  We have built 132 cottages since our beginning in 1998. The owners of Backwater Landing are Joseph and Wylie Lipchik.  Their concept was to provide a niche location where people could come, buy a cottage and reside there at their leisure.  No lawns to mow, hedges to trim, just walking the boardwalk, hiking in the nearby mountains, boating, swimming in the pool at the Lodge, and socializing with some very interesting residents of Backwater.

We hope over time you will return again and again to our Blog.  Make comments.  Read the latest information. To all of our residents, our 4th of July program will be a catered dinner with BBQ pork, chicken and coleslaw on Saturday, July 2nd.  Price is $12 per ticket.  Our favorite DJ, PJ will be playing. Fireworks will be Sunday, July 3rd.  Hope to see you there. Doreen